MMFF Online Experience

Since the pandemic started, a lot of things have changed. Shopping and grocery is done mostly online. There are no huge gatherings allowed in order to contain the spread of the virus. Instead, people would usually do gatherings over Zoom, Google Meet, Messenger, or Microsoft Teams. Even if cinemas in the malls are not yet operational, MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) 2020 is not cancelled.

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From 2011 to 2020 – Alternate Endings: The Making of the Final Set

It was around mid 2011 when Aldus Santos, the writer of the book “Alternate Endings: The Making of the Final Set” contacted me to contribute some pictures I took during the concert of the Eraserheads last March 7, 2009 for a book they’re working on.

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Operation Birthday Surprise

It has been a tradition to decorate the workstation of a teammate when it’s his or her birthday. Yesterday was my turn. As soon as I approached the room, I can already see the big Happy Birthday banner spanning over two desks. Yes, that’s how big it is. Around the birthday banner are balloons that are taped to the ceiling. Tie to each balloon is a ribbon where polaroid films were taped on. Continue reading “Operation Birthday Surprise”

Guardians of the Galaxy: Throwback your Playlist

I just watched the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend. I loved the soundtrack of this film, just like the first one. Hence, I searched for the Vol. 2 mixtape. I found one on YouTube. However, I wanted it to come from an official source. During my search, I found out about a Disney and Spotify collaboration. I visited this website to generate a retro playlist based on my selected Spotify playlist. The playlist is now named Coldplay!!!- Vol. 2. It has 20 tracks from various artists. My playlist has songs from Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, and more. Continue reading “Guardians of the Galaxy: Throwback your Playlist”

Ten Foreign Acts I’ve Seen, One is a Lie

There is a new trend going on in Facebook where one posts a status containing a list of 10 foreign acts one has supposedly seen live where one of which is a lie. In my Facebook timeline, I have seen it evolved into:

  • 10 bands I’ve sessioned or played with (one is a lie)
  • 10 foreign bands I’ve interviewed (one is a lie)

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Romantic Punch – a band from South Korea

Romantic Punch

While we were walking along the streets of Hongdae, we chanced upon a Korean rock band performing. We didn’t understand the songs that they sang but it seems like that they have a big fanbase. Aside from Romantic Punch, there are other street performers around the area. However, they have the most number of audience in the area. It is also interesting to note that the fans of the band are also passionate in singing their songs while they’re performing. Hope to see more street performers here in South Korea.